Our Commitment

Southside is committed to operating our business responsibly, and we believe our business, shareholders, communities and employees benefit from our commitment to environmental, social and governance best practices.

ESG Highlights


Of statements and notices were sent electronically in 2023


Volunteer hours contributed by team members in 2023, benefitting more than 250 organization in the communities we serve.


In community development loans originated in 2023


Read about our 2023 ESG highlights in our most recent Proxy Statement


Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

We recognize being a good steward of environmental resources is essential to protect and sustain our environment for future generations, as well as those we serve today. We believe operating sustainably creates long-term value for our customers, communities and shareholders through reducing risks, strengthening our communities, and helping us meet the expectations of our stakeholders. We recently adopted an Environmental Policy Statement, which outlines our commitment to environmental stewardship and operating responsibly, as well as efforts to support our commitment.


We believe good governance practices and decision making are the foundation for operating responsibly and are necessary for creating long-term shareholder value. We seek to follow best governance practices and maintain Corporate Governance Guidelines.  

Read our Governance Documents